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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

Let's say it - this blog post is self-promotion at it's finest. I am and have been a professional interior designer for over a decade and, I freaking LOVE it! Throughout my career, when I explain what I do to people - over and over, I have gotten "Wow, I would love to do that." Or, "You are so lucky to have a career that you are passionate about." I do feel very passionate about what interior designers do for the world. Do we save babies or cure illness? No. However, have you ever been to an incredible restaurant where the ambiance seemed almost magical? Alternatively, have you stayed at a beautiful resort where you felt swept away to another world? That magical ambiance and otherworldliness is the work of talented and dedicated designers.

Interior designers create the spaces you live, work and play in. This is our art.

Not every Host wants and or needs to hire a professional interior designer for their short term rental. Some Hosts themselves naturally have an eye for design and know precisely how to make the design come together without outside assistance. Some have budget or time constraints, and others plain do not see the value added by a designer. That is cool - you do you.

I am here for the other group. The ones who see the value a well-designed rental can add to the bottom line. The ones who prefer to create an authentic experience for their guests and not merely a bed to sleep in. Because folks, the hospitality world is changing in a big way. There are a group of people that are looking for authentic immersion when they travel. They will pay a little more to have an intimate adventure and all they are waiting for, is you - the Host to offer them a beautifully curated space. And one of the BEST people to have on your team to create this space - a professional interior designer.

So what exactly can you expect when you hire a professional interior designer?

1. A Designer can make magic happen.

You may be able to put together a collection of beautiful images on Pinterest, but a designer knows how to interpret and source all those images and put a game plan into action. We see the style you are aiming for and then bring the vision to life. We won't merely copy your inspiration; we will make adjustments to redefine the look to be unique and eye-catching for your personal space and style.

2. A Designer will help you create an overall budget for your project.

One huge misconception is that having a Designer will mean you need to spend beyond your means. Not true. We want every project to be successful, and the first step in that process is determining the budget and the roadmap for success. (Check out our blog post here on how to outline a furnishings budget.) We understand the costs associated and have purchased enough projects to know what it takes to make a property feel complete. Frequently DIYers underestimate how much it takes to fully furnish a property. They do not purchase enough and then have to go out and buy things last minute without really thinking. Or worse yet, they consider a space complete when it has bare walls, no accessories and no life. Who wants to stay there?

3. You will save time and sanity.

It is one thing to see a pretty picture - it is an entirely different story to be able to source the items in those images. Because it is our job to be in the know - we are. It will take far less time for a designer to pull together a complete design than the average Joe. It is second nature to us. We attend trade shows, receive trade magazines, are continually learning about new products and services. Design is our world - design in our language.

4. We can source unique custom pieces from manufacturers that are trade only.

These are the pieces that will make your short term rental stand out from the average Jane's rental down the street. If you purchase your furnishings from the same online retailers as everyone else, what makes your rental different? One trick in a designer's tool bag is the trade only brands. These are manufacturers who offer their pieces exclusively to designers. Would you like a gold-painted wingback chair with tropical upholstery? You may have to go to a custom manufacturer for this, and most do not work directly with the public.

5. Professional Experience.

Why does anyone hire a professional? Experience and knowledge. Yes, you can do most things in this world with YouTube videos and a Google search bar. ( I can show you several of my own Pinterest Fails!) In over a decade and with hundreds of projects under my belt - restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, high-end residential, offices - I have learned a lesson or two. A professional will help you avoid costly mistakes because chances are - we have seen it before.

6. You may save money.

If all you are trying to do is save money - do not hire a designer. If you see the value of the service, saving money can be an added benefit. Depending on whom you hire, a designer will often pass along a portion of the trade discount to their client. Each manufacturer and retailer often give designers a discount to use their products. This discount can range anywhere from 10% to 50%. Even with a small project, this can mean thousands of dollars in savings and oftentimes covers the fee of using a designer.

Have you been thinking about hiring an interior designer for your short term rental? Check out the "Shop +Book" section of our website for pricing and services. With our e-design services, we may be much more affordable than you think. Let us know how we can help you turn your investment into a Tiny Boutique Hotel.

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